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Awakening Weekender - August 2015

From Isles of Darkness
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Game Details



Game Premise


ST Team


More to be added

Date & Location

Friday 28th August to Sunday 30th August 2015

The Chellington Centre
Felmersham Road
MK43 7NA

01234 720726


About the venue

12th Century Church Transformed

The church of St Nicholas has stood on the site of The Chellington Centre since the 12th century and remained a place of worship until the 1970s when the church became the site of a local youth centre.

Large central activity hall (seats up to 90 theatre style)

2 smaller meeting rooms

Large garden with BBQ, fire pit and rounders pitch. Please be aware of H+S at all times. Please let ANC Events know if smoke is likely to pose a health concern.

There is a small graveyard around the outside of the Church. Please be respectful of the history and beauty of this building and leave everything as you find it.

Pre Registration and Prices

Pre-registration is not open.

Prices to follows.

Accommodation and food

This venue is SC only. Please bring your food. Alcohol may be used with restraint.

Please bring with you

Bedding/ Sleeping bag Towels


​7 small group dormitory style bedrooms (30 bunk beds)

On-site camping for additional 16

Room allocations

If you bring a tent, its up to you how you arrange how you share the space. There is room for 16 people to camp (not 16 tents). When you book please ensure you let me know the dimensions of your tent.

If you book to stay in the centre, you will be staying in one of 7 small group dormitory style bedrooms (30 bunk beds). You will be sharing with more than one person. Please give a thought to who you are happy to share with, and who you absolutely cannot share with. I will do my best to ensure that you get the room allocations as requested, but as space is limited, a degree of flexibility will be required.

There are 30 places to stay in the venue. In some cases allocations will be made due to the height restrictions of some of the beds.

Alternative Accommodation

The Eaton Oak Inn
Crosshall Road Eaton Socon St Neots, England, PE19 7DB United Kingdom, 0203 450 6788
13 miles to Carlton, Bedford, Bedford MK43 7NA, UK‎

Holiday Inn Garden Court Sandy-Bedford
Girtford Bridge London Road Hamlet End House Sandy, England, SG19 1NA United Kingdom, 0203 450 6788
13 miles to Carlton, Bedford, Bedford MK43 7NA, UK‎

ibis Wellingborough
Enstone Court Wellingborough, England, NN8 2DR United Kingdom, 0203 450 6788
8.0 miles to Carlton, Bedford, Bedford MK43 7NA, UK‎

The Old Piggery Guest Accommodation
West Park Farm Haynes Bedford, England, MK45 3QS United Kingdom, 0203 450 6788
11 miles to Carlton, Bedford, Bedford MK43 7NA, UK‎

The Barns Hotel
Cardington Road Bedford, England, MK44 3SA United Kingdom, 0203 450 6788
8.5 miles to Carlton, Bedford, Bedford MK43 7NA, UK‎

Lamorna Bed and Breakfast 38b East Street Olney, England, MK46 4DW United Kingdom, 0203 450 6788 5.3 miles to Carlton, Bedford, Bedford MK43 7NA, UK‎

Food and alcohol

There will be a communal BBQ (probably IC) dates TBC

Alcohol is allowed in moderation.


Specific rules for this venue

Make-up - there will be a designated make-up area. You may apply make-up here and will need to wait until it is dry to enter the venue. Under no circumstances is wet messy makeup allowed in or around this venue. The Church is made of porous stone so anything that drips onto it will be impossible to clean. As this can be considered a danger to or damage of property, breaking this rule is grounds for an immediate ban from the weekender and will be referred to C&C.

Events Policy

Players will be expected to adhere to the IoD Conduct Policy. The events-specific portion is as follows:

  1. Members may not carry any item that may be mistaken for a dangerous weapon while participating in a Sanctioned Isles of Darkness event.
  2. No items which must touch another person to be effective can be used. Nor should any prop be used in such a way that it might be mistaken for an assault by a passer by.
  3. Phys-rep weapons that cannot be mistaken for dangerous weapons can be brought to events with the approval of the supervising Coordinator as long as the event is being held in a place that is not directly open to, or visible by members of the public. Phys-reps for firearms must comply with the legislation regarding replica firearms in the UK – that is they must clearly be non-functional weapons and marked as appropriate, if the supervising Coordinator is in any doubt if a prop weapon meets these requirements then they should disallow the prop.
  4. When an ST, AST, or any member calls for a time out all action must immediately cease.
  5. Any member may call a time out for safety reasons.
  6. Members will not cause or participate in any illegal activity whilst participating in a Isles of Darkness event.
  7. Members will not participate in Isles of Darkness events whilst under the influence of illegal drugs or whilst drunk. Any member that is considered to be unable to exercise the required level of judgement because of the amount they have drunk at a game, in the opinion of the presiding ST or Coordinator, must be timed out by the ST and may be asked to leave by the supervising Coordinator.
  8. Officers that are on duty at an IoD event must not drink to the point where they are unable to carry out their duties at the game and may face disciplinary sanctions from their supervising officer if they are reported as such. Officers are encouraged to abstain from drinking when undertaking their duties at IoD events.
  9. Isles of Darkness is a non-contact system and as such does not allow physical contact between players. Reasonable physical contact (such as handshaking) is allowed but if any person involved feels uncomfortable with the situation all physical contact should be stopped at once.
  10. Members may not drink blood or discuss the drinking of blood in reality whilst participating in a Isles of Darkness event.
  11. Members shall conduct themselves at events in a safe and orderly manner. Any In Character actions which could cause danger, damage property or cause alarm should be described rather than performed.


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