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Lost Weekender - October 2015

From Isles of Darkness
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Game Details



Game Premise


ST Team


More to be added

Date & Location

Friday 16th October to Sunday 18th October

Burwell House Study and Conference Centre
North St
CB25 0BB

01638 741256


Events ANC will be onsite from approx 6pm. Please do not arrive before this. If you are planning to arrive earlier please notify ANC Events.

Last game on Sunday will finish at 3pm but the house will effectively be on lockdown until all tidying is complete so please plan travel from 4pm onwards. Please note the IOD will be charged if the venue is left in an unsatisfactory state. As a result I would ask that you clean as you go.

About the venue

  • Play space - the main play space/room has a similar size to Buckden's wooden room. The space is a good size for 40, but may be snug for 50. There are other rooms, accessible from outside. There is also the hall (with the piano). The building itself is of a similar size to the main building at Buckden, without the upstairs lounge and library. The 2 outside access rooms would be good for ST rooms, or the furthest one for an ST room and the closest one for more game space.
  • It's eminently usable. It has a clean practicality and gardens, which we can use until 10pm.


  • Sleeping rooms - They have space to sleep 50 comfortably, 55 without too much squash, and 60 at a pinch. There are 2 big dorm rooms, and they sleep up to 14, the rooms in general sleep between 1 and 14 (the dorm). some of the rooms sleep 2 and can go up to 3, there are minimal showers, on average 1 per room, 2 for dorms, though they aren't all in the rooms, so they could just be used by any one. The upstairs is a bit of a labyrinth though, but the rooms are all clean and tidy.
  • There is a disabled access from the garden, and they can create a downstairs bedroom; the room they convert could sleep up to 4. The downstairs bedroom can be mostly cut off from the rest of the house.
  • Outside is a good space, walled gardens, plenty of nooks and areas, about 3 acres.
  • Currently Wifi is only available in 2 rooms downstairs, but they are hoping to get it in more rooms. Dining space is small, but the kitchen is a good space for self catering with 10 hobs and 2 industrial size ovens, no grills.
  • They have playable pianos, they actively encourage them to be played.
  • They are happy to set up the rooms however they are needed in advance.

Pre Registration and Prices

Pre-registration is not open.

Prices TBC

Accommodation and food

Food can only be consumed in the Dining Room and Conservatory. Drinks are allowed in the bedrooms but please no food, to aid tidying on Sunday.


On site accommodation is in the form of dorm rooms, there are 2 large rooms that sleep 14 people each. There are also some smaller rooms available. There are minimal showers on site.

All beds will need to be stripped on Sunday and pillow cases, sheets and duvets covers need to placed in three separate piles on the 1st floor landing.

There are spaces for 58 individuals to stay onsite. There is a hard limit of 65 to attend this weekend.


Hot water will be turned off every night, so there will not been hot water immediately in the morning.

Room allocations

Everyone will be sharing with more than one person. Please give a thought to who you are happy to share with, and who you absolutely cannot share with. I will do my best to ensure that you get the room allocations as requested, but as space is limited, a degree of flexibility will be required.

What do I need to bring if I stay onsite?

Bin bags

Tinfoil (for cooking), bin bags, cling film, and washing up liquid

Aprons and oven gloves



Loo paper

Alternative Accommodation

Food and alcohol

Self catering facilities are available on site. See below for details about the use of the kitchen.

There is a pub (The Anchor) about a minute's walk down the road and a Co-op about 4 minutes' walk.


Alcohol is permitted in moderation.


Please note that the venue has close neighbours and we have to show due consideration to them. Please read the policies from the venue as set out below.

Use of the house

  • All course participants under the age of 16 should be talked and walked through a fire- evacuation drill, so they both see and experience leaving their bedroom via the external fire escape. This is to be coordinated by the designated group leader.
  • Unless the fire alarm is sounding, no person is permitted on the fire escape.
  • No candles are permitted in the house.
  • Alcohol should be used responsibly.
  • Course participants are not to use aerosol sprays within the house as these can interfere with our smoke detectors and set off the fire alarms. There is a £600 fine if this rule is broken.
  • The property has a strict No Smoking policy and the course leader must enforce this throughout the duration of the stay. A smoking area is provided in the car park.
  • Particularly during the winter months, the grounds get very muddy and care should be taken in ensuring that this mud does not get transferred to the house. We strongly recommend each visitor having a pair of indoor shoes.

Use of the kitchen

  • A designated member of the group should take responsibility for the kitchen area, and this person should be given a specific kitchen induction by a member of Burwell House staff before the kitchen is used.
  • During this briefing the designated person will be demonstrated usage of the professional kitchen equipment, including the cookers, hot cupboards and dishwasher.
  • No under 16s should be allowed in the kitchen or washing up area.

Use of the grounds

  • We ask that all visitors to the Centre respect the fact that we are in a residential area, and thus that noise and activity in the grounds is kept to a reasonable level. Any evening activity held in the grounds should be finished by 10pm.
  • The site coordinator has his home within the grounds of the Centre and we ask that any activity within the grounds takes this into account. • Children and young people should not be in the gardens unsupervised, and should be adequately supervised in the more hazardous areas of the garden - in particular the pond
  • The gates to the site will be bolted overnight by the designated group leader.


  • Before leaving the premises on the last day all guests are asked to leave all rooms in the house in a clean and tidy condition. Vacuums and other cleaning materials will be provided for this.
  • All rubbish must be securely tied in dustbin bags (provided by the group) and left in a place of security as advised by Burwell House staff. • We ask that beds are stripped and all linen left on the landing.

Departure from the Centre on final day.

  • On the final day at the Centre, a member of Centre staff will meet with the course leader at a pre-arranged time. The member of staff will take back the keys and complete a check of the house and gardens to ensure that they have been left in an acceptable state.
  • Damage caused to equipment due to misuse or misbehaviour and any breakages that occur during the stay will be invoiced at full cost recovery, as will the cost of any additional cleaning.

Events Policy

Players will be expected to adhere to the IoD Conduct Policy. The events-specific portion is as follows:

  1. Members may not carry any item that may be mistaken for a dangerous weapon while participating in a Sanctioned Isles of Darkness event.
  2. No items which must touch another person to be effective can be used. Nor should any prop be used in such a way that it might be mistaken for an assault by a passer by.
  3. Phys-rep weapons that cannot be mistaken for dangerous weapons can be brought to events with the approval of the supervising Coordinator as long as the event is being held in a place that is not directly open to, or visible by members of the public. Phys-reps for firearms must comply with the legislation regarding replica firearms in the UK – that is they must clearly be non-functional weapons and marked as appropriate, if the supervising Coordinator is in any doubt if a prop weapon meets these requirements then they should disallow the prop.
  4. When an ST, AST, or any member calls for a time out all action must immediately cease.
  5. Any member may call a time out for safety reasons.
  6. Members will not cause or participate in any illegal activity whilst participating in a Isles of Darkness event.
  7. Members will not participate in Isles of Darkness events whilst under the influence of illegal drugs or whilst drunk. Any member that is considered to be unable to exercise the required level of judgement because of the amount they have drunk at a game, in the opinion of the presiding ST or Coordinator, must be timed out by the ST and may be asked to leave by the supervising Coordinator.
  8. Officers that are on duty at an IoD event must not drink to the point where they are unable to carry out their duties at the game and may face disciplinary sanctions from their supervising officer if they are reported as such. Officers are encouraged to abstain from drinking when undertaking their duties at IoD events.
  9. Isles of Darkness is a non-contact system and as such does not allow physical contact between players. Reasonable physical contact (such as handshaking) is allowed but if any person involved feels uncomfortable with the situation all physical contact should be stopped at once.
  10. Members may not drink blood or discuss the drinking of blood in reality whilst participating in a Isles of Darkness event.
  11. Members shall conduct themselves at events in a safe and orderly manner. Any In Character actions which could cause danger, damage property or cause alarm should be described rather than performed.


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