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Summer National - June 2015

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Game Details


Friday 19th June

Saturday 20th June

Sunday 21st June

Monday 22nd June

Game Premises


Friday 8pm-12am Requiem

Kindred of the British Isles,

We have ceased our open warring, no more do does brother spill the blood of his brother. No more does sire do murder on childe. No more do we hack at each other with blade and claw and powers of the blood.

There is a peace...

Signed and sealed with our very Vitae.

There are also lessons to be learned.

We have come to the nights where we shall recall our dead and do them honour by remembering them, their words and their deeds. There are to be celebrations, funeral services and wakes...

But I would ask you think on this.

Our nights of revels and remembrance coincide with the Feast Day of the Black Saint Alchais the Mendicant, who was amongst the first to bring word of the Dark Prophet to these lands. Over the years of his existence, before his eventual martyrdom the Saint knew war, he knew adversity and he ultimately knew peace.

There are lessons there.

Ones which I would share with you through our sacraments upon the night of 19th at the Rowton Castle, Shrewsbury.

Let them that hold the faith of the Dark Prophet come forth.

In the spirit of this new cooperation those who do not know our faith but wish to pay their respects or merely listen, are invited to do so also.

Him that is called,

Skellert Truthcatcher (Ventrue 2, Lance 2)


Saturday 10am-2pm - Forsaken

It has been two years since the death of our great king.

The throne sits empty, the crown has been taken by those who first knew of its glory so that it might await another worthy challenger.

We are beset, across our sacred isles threats we thought bested and controlled rise to trouble us once more.

Ancient enemies rise and all we hold dear faces ruin.

All about us there is talk of war.

War between brothers, war between ourselves and the Anshega, war between our houses.

There will be no escape from it should that red day come, this will be a war that is fought across our territories. Our Wolfbooded, our children, they shall learn of it with their own eyes and we shall all weep bitter tears.

But we have this once chance, this one moment where we may come together and salvage something, some semblance of the order and peace we have known for so long.

I call all who would seek to avert this crisis, all who would have their voice heard in deciding the future of the People here in the United Kingdom.

I call you to Meriden Tur so that we might come together in the spirit of peace and cooperation.

I call for the Parliament of Wolves.

Judges the Worthy Elodoth


OOC: This is the premise for the first national game of the June 2015 national. This is designed as a social political game which will give you a chance to further influence the direction of particular national plots.

The premise for the second game will be revealed during this game.

Saturday 3.15pm-7.15pm - Awakening

Weekend Premise

Come one, come all, to the Portsmouth Academy!

Built beneath and within Wymering Manor and finally finished after thirty years of construction, the Portsmouth Academy for the Awakened of the United Kingdom is finally opening its doors.

Built as a hub of learning, training and excellence through enlightenment, the Academy is proud to invite the Pentacle mages of the United Kingdom to its doors to visit the first ever Magician's Market.

Four Orders will be hosting stalls, where artifacts, rotes and other Order-specific items will be for sale, in return for favours, knowledge and tutelage. We will also be hosting a debate forum on the morals and ethics of the methods of imprisonment of mages found to be guilty of criminal acts.

Additionally, each Order will be given a short slot in which to acquaint themselves with others of their Order from around the United Kingdom, before the stalls open proper and your explorations of the Academy can begin.

We also welcome those of you who follow the paths of the Brilu.

We would remind all present that the Academy is a place of peace and learning, and any and all disagreements should be taken outside to the Adamantine Arrow training area to be resolved.

There is accommodation available on site and those who require rooms for the entire weekend are welcome to stay within the walls of the Academy.


As you can see - there is only one premise for the entire weekend of mage games. It is our idea that we extend our game over two sessions and have a more fluid transition - so whilst both games will be run by separate groups, the premise for the second game will be mentioned, (loudly might I add) in play at the first game.

And because some people might not like this...

As a run down, the first game will be heavily social, with some away missions, a tomb raid as per the taster game, and mostly, will be an opportunity for you all to meet some national NPCs, each other, and also do some shopping for Order rotes, tools, small items, legacies etc. There will be the opportunity for some combat. There will be a fair amount of investigation.

The second game will be more combat and investigation based (afaik) and is in the hands of Ian Cannon and Jodika Ripley, and as I'm playing (a social character!) I haven't a clue what'll be happening, save for the plot seed I asked them to run :)

If you can't make the first game, or just don't want to, but want to do the second game - it can easily be sorted that you get wind of what happens/receive STUFF (I don't want to give too much away)/are given the premise for the second game closer to the event when we've had it produced so you know what's going on and can get involved.

If you think this will be you, please e-mail awakening.gst@gmail.com and we can get that sorted for you.

As you can see, we're looking at doing a tomb raiding dungeon run. Possibly and probably more than one. For those of you at the taster game, you will remember that the tomb raid does try to incorporate all of the social, investigative and combat minded of you. Please pre-register early so that I can scale it properly and make sure I have something for everyone going on. You don't want to be bored. I don't want you to be bored. I can't write a game for you for the first National that will make everyone happy, as I don't know all of your characters yet and I want to make sure you all have fun!

Also, I also need 6 people to be NPCs.

Also required:

All of the props!!!

  • If we're allowed Larp weapons, those - plus boxes, trinkets, jewelery, etc etc. and also the customary cloth and candles.
  • Dark cloth so we can darken up a room, and anyone who has blacklights - bring them along.
  • Stuff that looks like it'd belong in a hackers computer lab.
  • Maps of the UK
  • Blue Face Paint. Red face paint.
  • Celtic looking jewelery
  • Bottled water, plastic cups, cake

Saturday 8.30pm-12.30am - Lost


The Horsemasters Masquerade Ball

On behalf of the Barony of Telford and environs,

your presence is requested

for an evening of intrigue, mystery and fantasy

Now conflict is calm, let festivity be our balm

Come wearing a mask, and we’ll open a cask.

Dancing and live music beneath the crescent moon from 8.30pm until midnight.

Then there will be an unmasking, followed by a disco for those still awake in the early hours.

As master servants to the Monarchy we will be openly engaging in a variety of ceremonies and rites throughout the evening to ensure a strong and well supported leadership over the coming year; in the spirit of transparency and openness that is sweeping the institutions of these fine islands we will be inviting all to join us.

Dress to impress

Magister Equitum Negus

Waxen Mask

Location: Apley House Mansion, the Hedge; please enter via the gate marked with a horse. A representative of the Waxen Mask will be waiting to receive you at the gate.

Date: Saturday, 20th June

Time: 8.30pm until late

OOC: There will be no plot after 12.30, but we don’t intend to stop the disco if people want to do some soft RP.


Sunday 10am-1pm - Awakening

See Saturday's premise for details

Sunday 3.15pm-7.15pm - Requiem

Ladies and Gentlemen, I invite you, one and all, to celebrate and make merry. If we can't be at peace to join our cups, can we truly be at peace at all?

You may not have heard much of me, I am Jack, the Prince of York.

To mark an end to the war and the destruction of kindred life, and to respectfully follow Paladin Truthbringer's somber affair with a more jovial one, I will be holding a wake to celebrate the lives of the many inspiring kindred we have lost.

I hope to put the items they left behind to good use, I shall auction a number of items off, the proceeds of this auction will be split between those domains who are subject to the treaty. I hope this will help jump-start the boon economy and encourage cooperation between domains.

I also have some other intrigues planned for the night, but I shan't spoil them.

Each of us have suffered from this war, and we have learnt from that suffering. Let us put these lessons to use.

Jack (Ventrue 2 Crone 2)

Sunday 8.30pm-12.30am - Forsaken


Hey folks,

While you will be receiving the premise for this game IC during the first game of the national I believe it would be best to drop you a little heads up so you can costume accordingly and the like.

As such the second game of the June 2015 national will be a more action based premise. This means that there will be a degree of combat so dress accordingly and make sure you have your numbers worked out and handy.

This will be a chance for you to see other aspects of the setting that are not related to Harold and it will be a chance for you to potentially earn some of your first high renown deeds.


Monday 10am-1pm - Lost


This is an out of character premise for the Monday Lost game, as the game will follow on from the events of Saturday night. The game will be set the next day, Sunday 21st June.

The Barony of Telford will be asking for assistance from those who attended the masquerade ball. If you think your character would not offer to assist out of the goodness of their heart, then there will be suitable motivation for the less altruistic among you.

Costuming wise, your finery from Saturday will not be expected (unless you stayed up all night...), so whatever your character usually wears is appropriate. If they are the sort that would have a spare set of practical clothes, then that may well be apposite, as there will be some opportunities to get your hands dirty. If, however, your character is of the type unlikely to risk their manicure, then there will be other activities with less chance of nail damage.

If you have any further questions please contact me at london.lost.lst@islesofdarkness.com.

Date & Location

Friday 19th June to Monday 22th June 2015

YHA Coalbrookdale
1 Paradise

0845 371 9325



Staying in contact

There is no wifi at the venue

Mobile phone signal can be patchy and is very dependent on your network coverage.

The payphone line for people to call you at the hostel is 01952 433 705

How to get here


From Telford centre or M54 follow the signs to Ironbridge. Pass through Ironbridge centre (passing the bridge on your left) and turn right at the roundabout into Coalbrookdale. The hostel is half a mile up this road on the right hand side.


Please note the drive is extremely narrow and steep, so please drop-off luggage and people at the bottom of the drive. There is no parking for vans outside the venue.


Parking at the venue is limited to organizers and those who need to park near the venue for health reasons. Everyone else is welcome to drive to the venue to unpack your luggage and drop-off people. Then you will need to park in the Science Museum carpark which is <5mins walk away. This costs £2 per 24hrs. It is very important that the driveway is kept clear at all times. The Welcome Team will help empty cars and give directions to the carpark.

Public transport from Birmingham Central - 1 h 38 min

Train Station - Birmingham New Street Route - London Midland towards Shrewsbury 46 min (8 stops) Stop - Telford Central

Walk About 1 min

Telford Bus Garage Route - 44 towards Madeley 17 min (15 stops) · And then its a 26 min walk, 1.4 mi

There is also a bus that passes just outside the venue. Arriva Bus 88, and you want the Coalbrookdale Paradise stop.

Check here for the route [1]

Tickets and information

Arriva in the Midlands Tickets and information London Midland - 0344 811 0133


On the pre-reg form ANC Events is asking for people to help with specific roles.

Transport- station pick-ups.
Team T
• Friday 6pm to 8pm
• Saturday 9am-10am
• Saturday 2pm-3:30pm
• Saturday 7pm to 8:30pm
• Sunday 9am-10am
• Sunday 2pm-3:30pm
• Sunday 7 to 8:30pm
• Monday 9am-10am
ST Runners
Welcome Team
Close-Down Team
Lighting Team

Role descriptions

ST Runner-

When you are opting for this role you are opting to not play this game. Instead you are helping ST’s run the game smoothly by ensuring communication among the ST’s. You will fetch, carry and find people for ST’s so they can stay in the game. And keep them fed and watered.

Welcome Team-

You are committing to arriving at the venue early to help ANC Events with general setup. You will be required to understand the layout of the venue so that as people arrive you can show them their rooms, and show the ST’s the game and OOC spaces. You will also be required to help keep the driveway clear by helping people unload their bags from cars so they can be removed to the car park.

Lighting Team-

You also are committing to arriving early. ANC Events will co-ordinate your arrival with delivery of the lighting that needs to be set-up outside the venue prior to the arrival of most of the attendees. This should be a fairly simple set-up so no advanced lighting knowledge is required.

Close-Down Team-

You are committing to stay to the bitter end with ANC Events. Ideally I would like four people, one person to take charge of each of the two accommodation floors to check each room is left in the correct manner, and two people to sweep the downstairs rooms.

Play space

There is a porch on either side of the central staircase on the front of the building. The floor is slightly uneven and it is enclosed by a waist height wall. There is plenty of space to set out tables and chairs and use this space as an IC area.

Going into the building you step into a wide tiled hallway. To your left is a door that leads into the dining room. Long benches fill the room. To the right is the serving hatch. 30/40 people could easily fit in the room. The benches may need to be cleared away to make better use of the space.

If you go into this room, past the fireplace and into the hallway beyond, to your left you will find a door labelled Teachers Lounge. This is a small room with a few chairs that could be used for small away missions.

On the other side of the entrance hallway there is another door that leads to a large lounge room full of soft chairs and tables. This is our main game room. This will hold 50/60 people.

OOC space

The OOC area will be in a classroom in a separate building. There is a second route into the main building so you do not have to cut through game space to access bedrooms. Within the room is a small kitchen area to make hot drinks. Please bring board games etc. The room is a little spartan and may be a little cold.

Timings, Pre Registration and Prices


ANC Events will be on site at 4pm..

Welcome Team and Lighting Team are requested to arrive by 5pm.

Venue will open at 6pm for sign-in. Please let ANC Events know if you plan to arrive before this, and are not part of the above teams.

Bedrooms will need to be vacated by 10am on Monday 22nd June.

The hostel will need to be vacated by 2pm on Monday 22nd June.


Pre-registration is now open. You can pre-register here [2].


Early pre-registration discount

As a thank you to everyone for your energy and enthusiasm for the new chronicle we have decided to offer a £10 discount on accommodation at the National venue. Anyone who
a) pre-registers before midnight on the 4th June and
b) pays before or at the National
will qualify for this discount and the entire National weekend will cost £50 instead of £60.

Prices for pre-registration before midnight 4th June

Accommodation - £30 the weekend (regardless of how many nights you stay)
Games- £5 each up to a max of £20
No charge for NPCing for an entire game

Pre-registering after midnight on the 4th June

Accommodation - £40 the weekend (regardless of how many nights you stay)
Games- £5 each up to a max of £20
No charge for NPCing for an entire game

Accommodation and food

This venue is SC only. Please bring your food. Alcohol may be used with restraint.


Ground floor: two accessible en-suite interconnected single rooms.

First floor: 38 beds in eight rooms, all en-suite, two with showers, room sizes 2-8 beds.

Second Floor: 34 beds in nine rooms, seven en-suite, room sizes 2-8 beds.

Please note 2 person rooms are very limited.

Room allocations

Most people will be sharing with more than one person. Please give a thought to who you are happy to share with, and who you absolutely cannot share with. I will do my best to ensure that you get the room allocations as requested, but as space is limited, a degree of flexibility will be required. There are 60 places to stay in the venue.

In the event we fill the venue.

I will temporarily close pre-registration and remove the capacity to register for accommodation. This will be announced across the lists.

What do I need to bring if I stay onsite?

Bin bags

Tinfoil (for cooking), bin bags, cling film, and washing up liquid

Aprons and oven gloves



Loo paper

Alternative Accommodation

Springhill B&B 0.5 miles
2 School Rd, Coalbrookdale, Ironbridge, TF8 7DY

BEST WESTERN Valley Hotel, Telford 0.5 miles
Ironbridge, Telford, TF8 7DW

The Swan 0.4 miles
21 The Wharfage, Telford TF8 7NH

Food, alcohol and smoking

Self catering facilities are available on site.


Alcohol is permitted in moderation.


Smoking is only permitted at the evacuation point away from the main building

Event specific rules

Smoking is permitted only at the evacuation point away from the main building.
No blood makeup outside on the porch. Use it within the building or in the outside spaces behind the building. Please remove before you join the game on the porch.
No larp weapons on the porch. Keep these inside.
The sandpit is set up for some experiments for a school group that will visit immediately after us. It must be left undisturbed.

Events Policy

Players will be expected to adhere to the IoD Conduct Policy. The events-specific portion is as follows:

  1. Members may not carry any item that may be mistaken for a dangerous weapon while participating in a Sanctioned Isles of Darkness event.
  2. No items which must touch another person to be effective can be used. Nor should any prop be used in such a way that it might be mistaken for an assault by a passer by.
  3. Phys-rep weapons that cannot be mistaken for dangerous weapons can be brought to events with the approval of the supervising Coordinator as long as the event is being held in a place that is not directly open to, or visible by members of the public. Phys-reps for firearms must comply with the legislation regarding replica firearms in the UK – that is they must clearly be non-functional weapons and marked as appropriate, if the supervising Coordinator is in any doubt if a prop weapon meets these requirements then they should disallow the prop.
  4. When an ST, AST, or any member calls for a time out all action must immediately cease.
  5. Any member may call a time out for safety reasons.
  6. Members will not cause or participate in any illegal activity whilst participating in a Isles of Darkness event.
  7. Members will not participate in Isles of Darkness events whilst under the influence of illegal drugs or whilst drunk. Any member that is considered to be unable to exercise the required level of judgement because of the amount they have drunk at a game, in the opinion of the presiding ST or Coordinator, must be timed out by the ST and may be asked to leave by the supervising Coordinator.
  8. Officers that are on duty at an IoD event must not drink to the point where they are unable to carry out their duties at the game and may face disciplinary sanctions from their supervising officer if they are reported as such. Officers are encouraged to abstain from drinking when undertaking their duties at IoD events.
  9. Isles of Darkness is a non-contact system and as such does not allow physical contact between players. Reasonable physical contact (such as handshaking) is allowed but if any person involved feels uncomfortable with the situation all physical contact should be stopped at once.
  10. Members may not drink blood or discuss the drinking of blood in reality whilst participating in a Isles of Darkness event.
  11. Members shall conduct themselves at events in a safe and orderly manner. Any In Character actions which could cause danger, damage property or cause alarm should be described rather than performed.


ANC Events: Caroline

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